Announcing Aspose.Pdf for .NET

March 18, 2003 – Sydney, Australia – It is with great pleasure that we announce Aspose.Pdf for .NET, a class library for working with PDF files from within .NET applications. It is designed to be easy to use, yet powerful enough to handle a wide variety of developer demands.

Aspose creates components for developers who need to work with popular file formats from within their own applications. Instead of learning a file format inside out, our products let developers get on with coding their solution. Our components mange complex binary formats, quickly and efficiently.

Aspose.Cells for .NET, a class library for working with Microsoft Excel files in .NET applications, was released in January this year. We are hard at work on complementary products.

About Aspose

Aspose offers a powerful set of file management components with which developers can create applications which can open, edit, create and save some of the most popular business file formats.

Aspose was founded in 2002, in Sydney, Australia.

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