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Aspose.iCalendar Development Plans 2004

This is a list of possible features we will support in Aspose.iCalendar in the near future. As usual, we are listening for your feedback to help us shape the component features.

  • Loading and storing patterns in xCal and RDF (iCalendar XML) formats.
  • WKST custom weekstart rule part.
  • TZID and timezones.
  • Classes to represent more iCalendar components, such as VEVENT, VTODO etc.
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Aspose.iCalendar 1.0 Released

  • Version Released on October 21, 2004
    • First release to the public due to continuous customers’ requests.
    • Everything is tested, but demos and documentation are not yet fully complete.
    • Custom WKST (WeekStart) is not yet supported, default week start is Sunday.
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    Aspose.Word Object Model Background

    One of the main goals of Aspose.Word is to allow programmatic manipulation of document content, such as insert, enumerate, find and replace document elements and formatting.

    We studied a number of document APIs before and during Aspose.Word development. We looked at MS Word Object Model, Open Office and a number of other products. 

    Those of you who are familiar with MS Word Object Model, probably agree that once you grasp few basic concepts such as working with Range, it all … Continue Reading

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    Aspose.Word Development Plans for October 2004

    RTF and HTML importers are well underway and we will try to get them delivered in October.

    We had a delay here because implementing the importers required adding new features to DocumentBuilder, which will be useful to many customers too. For example, it will be possible to create headers and footers, more control over list formatting and access to document styles.


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