Aspose will enter into the Java market

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Since we always get requests to make Java equivalents of our best selling .NET components such as Aspose.Cells, Aspose.Word, Aspose.Slides, Aspose.Pdf, we decide to enter into the Java market.

As we will continue to make much more .NET components, I assume it’s better for us to have a brand new website to be dedicated to Java components only. I will keep you updated on the new domain name, etc. but I welcome your input if it’s a good idea to separate .NET and Java.

Anyway, now we’re completely open to your requests on whatever you would find from this new venture. Feel free to post your Java component ideas at the public forum Aspose.Java.  

By the way, we will not only make Java equivalents of our existing .NET components, but we will make any other marketable Java components too. We may make a .NET component first then port it to Java; or we may make a Java component first then port it .Net. So finally the ideal situation is, both products help each other to grow.

At Product Development Entrepreneur, we advertise to always need more .NET product developers. Now you can see we always need Java product developers too. If you’re interested feel free to send your resume to, indicating you’re interested in being a  Java product developer or .NET product developer or both.

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