Aspose.AdHoc 1.1.0 Released

Aspose.AdHoc is a visual ASP.NET component that will allow your end users to build their own ad hoc reports!

With Aspose.AdHoc you can quickly and easily add ad hoc capabilities to you ASP.NET application. The ad hoc component can be used for a variety of task, ranging from ad hoc reports to quick and easy search screens. Simply drag and drop the ad hoc component on to your web form, assign a DataTable object as the data source and let the component do the rest. Since the ad hoc component uses a DataTable object as its data source, you can use virtually any database back end. The ad hoc component offers a variety of output, including: SQL statement, Select statement, Where statement, Order By statement, RowFilter statement, Filtered DataView, Filtered DataTable or Filtered DataSet.

Aspose.AdHoc is extremely powerful and works well with many other Aspose products, including: Aspose.Cells, Aspose.Word and Aspose.PDF.  Be sure to check out a Live Demo of the power and flexibility offered by the Ad Hoc Query Builder. Also, download a free evaluation copy to see if the product will fulfill your needs. The Ad Hoc Query Builder works totally nag free in the development environment.