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Aspose.Tasks 1.2 was released!

Release 1.2 contains all 1.1.* hot fixes and new features: New: Tasks always sorted by ID in the MPX file. New: Implemented inserting child tasks to the correct position and recalculating ID for all tasks, Successors and Predecessors. New: GetCalendarUniqueID, GetResourceID, GetResourceUniqueID, GetTaskID, GetTaskUniqueID functions. Fixed: Double task with ID = 0 on file reading. Fixed: Exception on adding new tasks if AutoWBS or AutoOutlineNumber were set to true.

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Aspose.Cells 2.5.2 Released!

Dear Customers, Hotfix 2.5.2 is released! l         Fixed Bug in removing worksheet for some excel files. l         Added ExcelDesigner.SetDataSource(DataView) method Shifting down formula when process smart markers  

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Introduction from Sales in Texas

Hello! My name is Merit Cooper. I am new to the Sales team at Aspose, and I am based in Texas. I have many hobbies. My latest hobbies are computer graphics, photography, cooking, and gardening. I have a wonderful husband, Danny, and 2 great children, Grace and Alex. Joining the Aspose team has been a great opportunity for me because I enjoy meeting new people and learning about other countries. I am feeling fortunate to have joined the Aspose team because it is …

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Aspose.Cells 2.5.1 Released!

Dear Customers, Hotfix 2.5.1 is released! l         Added 1.         Worksheet.ClearComments method  l         Fixed: 1.          Bug in formula with named range 2.          Bug in chart marker setting on custom line chart

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Aspose.Cells 2.5 released!

Dear Customers, We have released Aspose.Cells 2.5! CSV file import Document properties APIs ISNA excel function support All features and fixes since Aspose.Cells 2.4.

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Aspose.Word 1.9.2 Released

Dear Customers, We have released Aspose.Word 1.9.2.  Added support for custom picture positioning when exporting to Aspose.Pdf.  Added Document constructor to allow creation of blank documents. Added support for form fields in old non-unicode format.  Updated inline XML documentation.

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Aspose.Slides 1.3.9 was released!

Hot fix contains: Changed: Processing of unreferenced pictures. See 1.3.7 hot fix description.

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Aspose starts a team in Texas

November 6, 2004 – Texas, USA – Aspose has its headquarters in Australia and has teams in other parts of the world. To extend our business further we have decided to start a team in Texas, USA. The Texas team expands our sales and marketing capacity and brings new skills to the team. Aspose’s development teams work hard and are very productive. The Texas team will help us get the products that we develop out to a wider market. It is exciting …

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New to the corporate team…

Hello!  My name is Danny Cooper and I am a new member of the corporate development team at Aspose.  I originally worked doing some of the artwork for Aspose.  I have also worked over the last year growing my own software company, Can’t Be Done Software.  Developing “Can’t Be Done” has been a lot of fun, but it has also been a lot of work.  I have been responsible for developing the website, developing all of the products, supporting all …

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Aspose.Slides 1.3.8 was released!

Hot fix contains: Fixed: One more fix for correct reading color of text.

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