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Aspose.Slides 1.5.13 released!

Hot fix contains: New: Possibility to add new notes to the slide. Notes will be added as string with single space. Please check new Slide.AddNotes method.… Continue Reading
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Aspose.Word 2.1.7 Released

Dear Customers, We have released Aspose.Word 2.1.7. Html export converts tabs in Word document into somewhat tab characters for HTML. Fixed reading of another old format form fields. Made saving to automatically reset Border.DistanceFromText to zero for borders of table cells. This is required by MS Word and it crashes otherwise. Fixed the Crypto API exception thrown when using new licenses in ASP.NET application.  … Continue Reading
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Aspose.Cells v2.8.2 released!

Dear Customers, We released Aspose.Cells V2.8.2! l         Added Support for VBA macro project digital signature l         Fixed A bug in Worksheet.Copy method  … Continue Reading
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Aspose.Cells V2.8.1 Released!

Dear Customers, We realeased Aspose.Cells v2.8.1. l         Added Chart trendline API Scatter x value setting property First visible row and first visible column property Access to comment in designer file… Continue Reading
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Aspose.Slides 1.5.12 released!

Hot fix contains: Fixed: Cloning slides with raw DIB images.… Continue Reading
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Aspose.Slides 1.5.11 released!

Hot fix contains: New: Portion.SymbolFontIndex property – font for special symbols inserted to the text. New: Automatic copying fonts when slide cloned to another presentation. New: Possibility to add new fonts to the presentation. See Fonts.Add method and new public constructor for the FontEntity class. Fixed: Wrong fill style and borders for placeholders on cloned slides. Fixed: Inserting new PictureFrames without animation.… Continue Reading
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Aspose.Pdf.Fo hotfix 1.0.1 released!

Aspose.Pdf.Fo hotfix 1.0.1 has solved the following problems: correct namespace of the whole program architecture;add support for the new license mechanism;update the API document online for the new license class. You can download this hotfix from here. Please remember to read the document online carefully!… Continue Reading
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Aspose.Slides 1.5.10 released!

Hot fix contains: Fixed: Values of LineArrowheadWidth and LineArrowheadLength. Fixed: Adding shapes to the MainMaster. Fixed: “Error creating window handle” exception in GetThumbnail function.… Continue Reading
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Aspose.Cells.Web Development Plan

We are working to add “edit” capability to Aspose.Cells.Web.Viewer and upgrade it to Aspose.Cells.Web. In the next formal release, you will be able to edit the content in the web page and post the data back to server. In the server, you can retrieve the data to a data object, such as a datatable. And you can save the changed data to an Excel file.   It will be available about on the mid of February.… Continue Reading
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Aspose.AdHoc 1.1.1 Released!

The following changes were made to the Aspose.AdHoc package: Updated demo applications to correct an invalid reference problem Updated demo applications to show Interoperability with Aspose.Word and Aspose.Cells Corrected an issue with the SQL generator producing the wrong operand for “Less Than”… Continue Reading
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