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Aspose.Cells.Web Development Plan

We are working to add “edit” capability to Aspose.Cells.Web.Viewer and upgrade it to Aspose.Cells.Web.

In the next formal release, you will be able to edit the content in the web page and post the data back to server. In the server, you can retrieve the data to a data object, such as a datatable. And you can save the changed data to an Excel file.
It will be available about on the mid of February.
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New Aspose Purchase System Released!

Today we are glad to announce the release of our new purchase system!  The release of the new purchase system brings many new benefits to our customers, with the primary one being ease of use.  Our previous purchase system was very complex and was often times seen as confusing.  The new Aspose purchase system is very straight forward and easy to understand. 

Another large benefit is that customers are no longer forced to purchase one item at a time.  Continue Reading

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Licensing and Purchasing Support

Dear Customers

I wanted to welcome anyone who might have questions about licensing or purchasing to contact me. I am more than happy to help explain or assist in order to make your experience as stress-free as possible. We have a few methods for contacting the Aspose Sales Department. You may use whichever one is most comfortable and convenient for you.Continue Reading

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A chance to give back…

Aspose is extremely proud to be a sponsor of an upcoming event hosted! is an Italian association that helps to promote Microsoft .NET technologies.  Aspose feels very fortunate to be able to provide solutions for Microsoft .NET developers and we are also glad to be able to be able to give back to the community and help it grow!Continue Reading

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Aspose.Report – Some advanced features for RDL element

As we know, most of business reports are not just based on a static SQL script, they will be varied by different situation such as field column or filter, our RDL element class model allow user to create their own data type and bind the data with our existed report element type. The following is the sample RDL script.
 <?xml version="1.0"?>
 <report name="TestDataBinding" startaction="define_data">
   <reportparameter id="" value="product" />
   <reportaction name="define_data" nextaction="generate_sql">
      <dataitemset id="sql.fields">
         <sqlfield id="sql.fields.1" field="category_name" alias="cat" />
         <sqlfield id="sql.fields.2" 
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