New Aspose Purchase System Released!

Today we are glad to announce the release of our new purchase system!  The release of the new purchase system brings many new benefits to our customers, with the primary one being ease of use.  Our previous purchase system was very complex and was often times seen as confusing.  The new Aspose purchase system is very straight forward and easy to understand. 

Another large benefit is that customers are no longer forced to purchase one item at a time.  With the new system customers can add as many items as they like to their cart and pay for all items at one time.  The new purchase system prices all products in US dollars, unlike the old system which had to convert between Australian currency and US currency.

We are very excited about the new release and hope that everyone else is as well.  If you experience any problems with the new purchase system, please be sure to email and we will be more than happy to help!