Aspose.Slides 1.6.1 and released!

Hot fix contains:

  • New: Support for rounded rectangles in GetThumbnail function.
  • Changed: Moved to VS.NET 2003 and .NET Framework 1.1.
  • Changed: Eliminated all unsafe unmanaged code when work with images (except drawing text yet).
  • Changed: Memory optimization on loading presentations and pictures. Now Aspose.Slides uses in ~3-4 times smaller memory to load ppt files than before.
  • Changed: Algorithm of retrieving picture’s IDs. Added possibility to get picture by offset in the ppt file. So now Aspose.Slides will try both methods and automatically select the best: by guid or by offset.
  • Fixed: Deleting unused pictures.
  • Fixed: Drawing white text on placeholders.
  • Fixed: Minimized time of image files locking by Picture class constructor. hot fix:

  • Fixed: Loading embedded strings from ppt (Embedded objects and Links).

Please write if you have any problems with 1.6.1 hot fix.
1.6.0 release available at