Please welcome our new team member Dmitry Vorobyev who is now a dedicated Aspose.Word Technical Support person.

He will be responding to many of your questions in the forums and over email, he will also collect and pass your feedback on to the developers so we can keep improving and growing the product further. Dmitry will also keep an eye open for opportunities to create useful knowledge base articles for most common questions and help improve the product documentation.

I will continue to be available to answer some support questions that require immediate development attention and it is still possible to sometimes reach me using one of the Live Support options, but please use it sparingly. If you have a problem and you contact me via IM, it is most likely I will ask you to send me an email that described the problem, include your document, code etc.

It is also great news for you as it should speed up response times as our team now covers much more time zones.