Aspose.Report 1.0.0 Released

Dear Customers,

We have released
Aspose.Report1.0.0.  The following is its brief introduction.

Unlike most of reporting tools in the market right now, Aspose.Report is focusing on separating the task between business analysts and developers, we realized that entire report design process is an assembly work, it requires the effort of both business analysts and developers, since no too many developers could understand the business logic very well while the business analysts rarely know the technology, and the reporting system is the most frequent changed module inside a information system, all of these factors cause lots of communication and come-back been happened between business analysts and developers during the report design process.

With Aspose.Report, we could break down a report design process into different section so that business analysts and developers (or DBA) can work on different parts, for instance, developer could use SQL editor to compose dynamic SQL script and retrieve data (The good understanding to SQL and database is a success key for all of good reporting system), and business analysts could amend the report format layout so as to make it more suitable for business needs. Even further, the developers can boil down complex server-side database behaviors into simple and easy-to-use elements or functions that business analysts can easily incorporate into their reports.

Aspose.Report includes a visual report design tool and an application development interface library, it adopts RDL (Report definition language) script as contract to connect the visual design tool to API library, business analysts can use visual design tool to edit RDL script and build the report, and the developers can reference API library in their own report building application to load RDL script and build report as well. So Aspose.Report will eliminate the boundary between business analysts and developers, speed up the report design process, and reduce the enterprise cost.