Aspose.Cells.Web V1.0.0 Released!

Dear Customers,

We have released Aspose.Cells.Web V1.0.0!

Aspose.Cells.Web is a visual ASP.NET component that enables developers to easily create web pages that mimic the look and feel of a desktop spreadsheet application.

Product Features:

  • Create interactive web pages that look and feel like a desktop spreadsheet application.
  • Manipulate data in web pages and post back to server side
  • Various cells format settings
  • Easy, full featured examples in both C# and VB .Net.
  • Support for loading data directly from Excel® spreadsheets.
  • Support for creating web page – spreadsheet displays from scratch.
  • Support for importing data directly from a dataview object.
  • Support for embedding standard styles as well as custom styles.

Product Description:

Aspose.Cells.Web is a pure .NET web component that delivers interactive web pages that look and feel just like a spreadsheet window. Aspose.Cells.Web can load Excel® spreadsheets without any need for Microsoft Excel®. Developers can easily drag the component from Visual Studio toolbox and drop it on their web pages. The component not only supports importing of spreadsheet files and data sources, but also provides a set of APIs to create contents and styles from scratch. These features make it extremely convenient for developers to create powerful, professional displays of spreadsheet data.