Aspose.Slides 1.7 released!

Release 1.7 contains all 1.6.* hot fixes and new features:

  • Fixed: Left margins of text on thumbnails.
  • New: Support for Wave and DoubleWave autoshapes on thumbnails.
  • New: Thumbnail will have correct shapes for rectangles, ellipses and autoshapes with text instead of only rectangles in previous versions.
  • New: PPT2PDF demos. Sources of demos you can find in the Aspose.Slides installation directory. Also online Ppt to Pdf converter available at Ppt files can be uploaded to the server and PPT2PDF will convert first 2 slides of presentation to Pdf and send you back.
  • Changed: Work with shapes. Slide.Shapes collection now contains only Line, Rectangle, Ellipse, Polyline, AutoShape and GroupShape. TextFrame shape moved to the Shape.TextFrame property. So Rectangle, Ellipse, Polyline and AutoShape can have embedded TextFrame for storing text data. For details how to use it please check demos. All C# and VB demos which work with text were updated.