Development plan for Aspos.Pdf for Java 1.0

Aspos.Pdf for Java is a suite of java APIs.


  The features it will support are as follows:

1. Converting an existing XML file (.xml) plus a style-sheet file (.xsl) to a new PDF document  

2. Converting an existing XML file (.xml) plus a style-sheet file (.xsl) to a fo document

3. Converting an existing FO file (.fo) to a new PDF document;

4. Creating new pdf document from scratch using API or XML + API.


We are going to use JAXP or JDOM to construct an xml file object in memory.

One way is that a existing fo file can be read into memory as a tree modal , in the process of being read, the xml element has been converted to our own defined domain object like margin etc that is greatly understandable and easy for customers.

Then the tree can be modified .In other words , the file is editable.

At last , it can be saved as a pdf file, of course fo file if you like.


The other way is that the pdf file can be created from scratch. Namely, customers create an empty pdf file, then add contents in the file. As said above, the created file in memory is represented as a tree with domain object. The Api is responsible to map domain objects to xsl-fo object. When the constructing processed is over, the object tree will be serialized to an output stream. Customer can choose save the outputstream to a fo file or directly to a pdf file without intermediate fo file.

Our work is arranged in two phase:

1.         Feature 1, 2, 3 will be released at early June;

2.         Feature 4 will be released at early August.

We will post our work progress at times.