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Announcing Aspose.Network for .NET

May 27, 2005 – Sydney, Australia – Aspose released Aspose.BarCode for .NET earlier this month. We are now in a position to unveil yet another product: Aspose.Network for .NET. Aspose.Network for .NET is a class library for working with emails from within .NET applications. It makes it easy for developers to open, save, manipulate and convert emails without the need for Microsoft Outlook or other email clients to be involved in the process. Network protocol programming is complicated and can… Continue Reading
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Aspose.Word Programmers Guide is being written

Dear Customers,

More than a month ago we transferred all our INFO articles into Aspose.Wiki. We hope you liked it and considered it convenient for reading and navigating.

We will continue adding articles that describe various aspects of Aspose.Word as required, based on frequent support requests and popular questions related to Aspose.Word functionality. Moreover, currently we are working on a programmers guide intended for detailed description of all (or almost all) possible scenarios of the component usage. We truly hope it … Continue Reading

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Announcing Aspose.Metafiles for Java

May 10, 2005 – Sydney, Australia – In January, Aspose announced the release of Aspose.Words for Java, the first of their products for Java. A few months later we are delighted to announce yet another Java product: Aspose.Metafiles for Java. Aspose.Metafiles for Java addresses the issue of working with metafiles – EMF and WMF files – in a Java environment. Metafiles are designed to be portable and can contain both bitmap and vector image data. With Aspose.Metafiles for Java, Java… Continue Reading
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Announcing Aspose.BarCode for .NET

May 10, 2005 – Sydney, Australia – Barcodes are everywhere. Originally used mostly in retail, they have become a popular choice for tracking or sharing information in all kinds of industries. From stock control in clothes shops and supermarkets, to tracking parcels and even containers. We all encounter barcodes several times each day. They are so common, we hardly think about them.

Aspose have introduced Aspose.BarCode for .NET, a class library for recognizing and adding barcodes to documents in .NET … Continue Reading

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If you got a “collating sequence not supported by operating system” error

The database packaged with the installer is created on a Microsoft XP Professional which supports multi-language, if you got a “collating sequence not supported by operating system” error, please create a new database using the scripts inclued in the installer package.

Sorry for inconvenience.

Here is a link from Microsoft website talking about the problem.


Stone… Continue Reading

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Email support is merged into Aspose.Forums now!

Since May 8, 2005, email support is merged into Aspose.Forums, which is powered by Community Server::Forums. If you send an email to any of our public emails, you will get an automatic notice that will request you to re-post your question in an appropriate forum.

Warning: All of our public emails are not attended any more. Only after you have re-posted your questions at the forums, can you get our replies.

As an alternative to email support, we provide an … Continue Reading

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