Aspose.Pdf.Fo 1.1.0 Released!

Compared with Aspose.Pdf.Fo 1.0.0, Aspose.Pdf.Fo 1.1.0 has:

1. added support for not only English, but also all of the other cultures;

2. removed redundant printing and exception-processing sentences in source code to improve converting efficiency;

3. added support for CDATA element in format-object files;

4. added support for GIF format and PNG format pictures;

5. added support for transparent pictures;

6. added support for network pictures such as in the form of “http://…” or “ftp://…” of external-graphic element;

7. added support for importing license file in the GUI version of Aspose.Pdf.Fo;

8. added support for setting the base directory of images in the Aspose.Pdf.Fo component and its GUI version;

9. improved Aspose.Pdf.Fo uninstall program to remove Aspose.Pdf.Fo completely.

Please go to the following page to download Aspose.Pdf.Fo 1.1.0: