Aspose.Slides for .NET released

Release 1.8 contains all 1.7.* hot fixes and new features:

  • New: Support for .NET framework 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005.
  • New: Enterprise Edition
    • Possibility to add new slides to a presentation. Support for 5 slide styles: 1. Empty slide 2. Slide with header and body text 3. Slide with header and two body textx 4. Title slide 5. Slide with header only.
    • Possibility to add new tables with custom number of columns and rows on a slide. See Shapes.AddTable function.
  • New: Changed work with tables:
    • New classes Cell and CellBorder. Now it’s possible to change format of each cell and borders.
    • Tables can be resized and moved.
    • It’s possible to change width of columns and height of rows.
    • New rows can be added at the bottom and new columns at the right side of table.
  • New: Subscript and superscript text style. See Portion.Escapement property.
  • Changed: Improved rendering of curved arrows (autoshapes).
  • Changed: Improved text offsets in a paragraphs with different level (depth).
  • Fixed: Reading negative rotation angles for a shapes.