Aspose.Slides: Northwind Demo (VB Version) Released!

Aspose.Slides: Northwind Demo demonstrates many of the features and capabilities of Aspose.Slides. 

Features of Aspose.Slides demonstrated include:

  • cloning slides
  • setting the slide background
  • creating shapes
  • adding a TextFrame to a shape
  • adjusting shape properties
  • adjusting text properties
  • manipulating tables
  • adding pictures to a slide
  • creating slide transitions
  • creating shape entry effects
  • changing the text in a Placeholder
  • changing the text in a TextFrame
  • adding Paragraphs
  • adding hyperlinks

Other features demonstrated include:

  • using Aspose.Chart to generate a chart and add it to the presentation
  • using Aspose.Pdf and Aspose.Slides to export the slide show as a PDF