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Aspose.Pdf.Fo Featured Demos 1.1.0 Released!

This demo illustrates how to use Aspose.Pdf.Fo to perform converting, and shows some tips about editing format-object files. Go to the following page to download: Compared with Aspose.Pdf.Fo 1.0.0, Aspose.Pdf.Fo 1.1.0 has: 1. added support for not only English, but also all … Continue reading

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Aspose.Cells.Web v1.3 Released!

Dear Customers, We have released Aspose.Cells.Web v1.3! Added support for .NET 2.0 and VS.NET 2005 Fixed column width setting bug in .NET 2.0 Fixed double-click event bug in .NET 2.0

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Aspose.Slides for .NET released!

Hot fix contains: New: Recolor property for PictureFrames with metafiles. Contains 2 color tables with information about color replacements for metafiles. See PictureFrame.Recolor property. Fixed: Table.DeleteRow and Table.DeleteColumn functions.

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Aspose.AdHoc 1.2.1 Released

Dear Customers, Aspose.AdHoc 1.2.1 released. What’s new: 1) the namespace, Aspose.Report.Adhoc rename to Aspose.Adhoc 2) fixed the bug when invoking SetFieldDisplayName   kyle

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Aspose.Workflow 1.1.0 Development Plan(Updated)

The Aspose.Workflow 1.1.0 is under development The Aspose.Workflow Modeler, a C# visual editor of Workflow.(50%) Subflow,Conditions evaluation, Activity Block has been added since hotfix 1.0.3 based on customer’s request. Thanks Stone  

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Aspose.Pdf.Form 1.1.4 Released!

Aspose.Pdf.Form 1.1.4 has provided the following new feature: Fill the field with a unicode string and display it with the user’s font. (The user should choose the field’s font correctly when the field is created.) Please download the hotfix from … Continue reading

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Aspose.Chart 2.2.3 Released

Dear Customers, We have released Aspose.Chart 2.2.3 Fixed: Wrong size of point marker in legend box.

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Aspose.Chart 2.2.2 Released

Dear Customers, We have released Aspose.Chart 2.2.2 Added: Point marker in legend box item for chart types Point, Line, Step (see  “Line point marker”) 

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Aspose.Pdf.Form 1.1.3 released!

Aspose.Pdf.Form 1.1.3 fix the bug: In, the Aspose.Pdf.Form.License throw a “multiple custom attributes error ” about the dll Assembly. Please download the hotfix from here

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Aspose.Chart 2.2.1 Released

Dear Customers, We have released Aspose.Chart 2.2.1 Fixed: It is impossible to change a font for CustomLabel (see “Pareto custom labels fonts”) Removed: Properties: CustomAttribute.LowColor CustomAttribute.OpenColor CustomAttribute.CloseColor CustomAttribute.HighColor Added: Property CustomAttribute.OpenMoreClos?Color Improved: Financial charts: OpenHighLowClose (see “Bar and OHLC two … Continue reading

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