Aspose.Word 2.5 Released

Dear Customers,

We have released Aspose.Word 2.5

It’s been long time (more than a month) since the previous release. We’ve been mostly working on the internal engine that stores and evaluates attributes of text runs, paragraphs, tab stops etc. This work resulted in support of some new features and also a number of fixes. We have not included all features we wanted in this release (like public API for detailed list formatting and custom tab stops), but we plan to release these shortly.

New Features

  • Added Aspose.Barcode integration demo
  • New public classes Styles and Style
  • More properties for Font and ParagraphFormat
  • Support for absolutely positioned tables in DOC files
  • Support for tables up to 63 columns (MS Word maximum)
  • Default and individual cell padding available in CellFormat and RowFormat
  • Diagonal cell borders supported
  • Support for text that was inserted during one revision and deleted during another
  • Support for bullet and numbering revisions
  • Added new DocumentBuilder.InsertImage overloads that take a file name (useful for COM and ASP clients)


  • Fixed distorted WMF on export to PDF and HTML
  • Fixed positioning problems with text frames in DOC files
  • Fixed copying sections between documents losing fonts
  • Fixed a custom document property is lost
  • Fixed a multithreading issue
  • Fixed lost language in old MS Word documents
  • Fixed some scenarios when Aspose.Pdf crashed
  • More improvements to PDF export including improved line spacing accuracy