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Aspose.Email 1.4.3 Released

Dear Customers, Aspose.Email 1.4.3 released. What’s new: 1) Supports an asynchronous validating process. With help the BeginValiate and EndValidate methods, we can easily validate an email address asynchronously. /// /// Begins an asynchronous validating process for an email address./// /// … Continue reading

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Aspose.Word 3.0.1 Released

Dear Customers, We have released Aspose.Word 3.0.1 Some minor improvements and fixes: Added Document.SaveOptions. Only one option at the moment, controls how text input form fields are exported to HTML. Updated to handle a strange document with two styles with … Continue reading

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Aspose.AdHoc 1.3.0 Released

Dear Customers, Aspose.AdHoc 1.3.0 released. What’s new: 1) The order of columns in the result set will be the same as the order that selected by the user in the first creen of the control Thanks kyle

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Aspose.Cells V3.3.1 Released!

Dear Customers, We have released Aspose.Cells V3.3.1! Added new Find method Added text reading order setting property Added Comment.IsVisible property Fixed bug in Cells.InsertRow method Fixed bug in Worksheets.RemoveAt method

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Aspose.Cells.Web V1.4 Released!

Dear Customers, We have released Aspose.Cells.Web V1.4! In this new version, a new important feature is added: formula support. Now you can input formula in your web pages. Aspose.Cells.Web now supports most of Excel built-in functions. You can check it … Continue reading

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Updated Aspose.Word Overview and Edition Types

See updated Aspose.Word Product Home Page Aspose.Word Documentation Home Page Aspose.Word Overview Aspose.Word Edition Types  

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Aspose.Slides for .NET released!

Hot fix contains: Fixed: Reading very large values of a date (really it’s a some kind of workaround for broken ppt properties). Fixed: StackOverflowException in CloneSlide function. Changed: Tags are case insensitive now. Changed: Deleted operators == and != for … Continue reading

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Aspose.Email 1.4.2 Released

Dear Customers, Aspose.Email 1.4.2 released. What’s new: 1) Fixed the bug in validating pseudo domain name. For example dsadsadsa@dahjiiunni@com, will return domain validating failed. thanks.

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Aspose.Slides for Java released!

Release 1.2 contains all 1.1.* hot fixes and new features: New: Read/write access to Size and SizeType of a slides. Fixed: Problem when grouped shapes are not visible on slide show. New: Tags for GroupShapes and Tables. New: Read/write support … Continue reading

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Aspose.Word Programmers Guide Updated

We are still working to add more topics to the Aspose.Word Programmers Guide, but here are some updated so far: Document Object Model Composition DiagramsExtracting Document Elements

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