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The story behind Aspose.Word 3.0 new object model

Our initial plans were to develop an API that is similar, if not compatible with Microsoft Word Object Model so any solution that utilizes Microsoft Word Automation could be easily migrated to Aspose.Word and the learning curve for developers who a familiar with MS Word Automation will be short. That was the original plan going back almost 2 years ago when we started working on Aspose.Word and we were exposing classes with interfaces that looked like the ones you would … Continue Reading

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Aspose.Slides for .NET released!

Release 2.0 contains all 1.9.* hot fixes and new features:

  • New: Export slides to SVG (Enterprise edition).
  • New: Possibility to change existing OLE objects or replace it with object of the same type (Enterprise edition). Unfortunately MS PowerPoint can’t redraw OLE objects on presentation opening so by default Aspose.Slides replaces image of an OLE object with red text “Object Chaged”.
  • New: Reading Name, ClassName and ProgId of an OLE objects.
  • Changed: Disabled appearing bullets in a tables after cloning slides and changing tables.
  • Fixed: Exception
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Aspose.Word.Viewer is still under development

Dear Customers,

Aspose.Word v3.0 that was recently released includes the Beta version of Aspose.Word.Viewer. We made the Beta available because of many customers’ requests to do so. Please note we do not provide any support on the viewer in the meantime just because it is still at development stage. Currently it has some limitations like these:

  • Rendering/printing capabilities are limited
  • Some documents can be rendered incorrectly
  • We do not guarantee its stability
  • Breaking changes are possible in the future

However, we proceed … Continue Reading

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Aspose.Word 3.0 Released

Dear Customers, We have released Aspose.Word 3.0 This is a major version change because new significant features, highly requested by our customers, were added. While most of the changes are  additions compatible with the previous versions, there are some breaking changes. Although it is straightforward to upgrade any existing code, you need to plan for some time if you consider upgrading to Aspose.Word 3.0.
  • New document object model that allows detailed programmatic control over most of the Word document
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Development plan for Pdf viewer in Aspose.Pdf.Kit

Aspose.Pdf pays attention to creating PDF files. We will create a new visual component pdf viewer in Aspose.Pdf.Kit. The pdf viewer component can be embedded to third party software to view and print PDF files. It has almost all Adobe Reader’s functions. On the same way, it will provide APIs to achieve the same functions. We will develop both .NET and Java version of the pdf viewer. The first version of this component includes the following features:

1.  view PDF file in visual mode … Continue Reading

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Development plan for Pdf2Image in Aspose.Pdf.Kit

Many customs have asked for functions such as preview pdf document, transform pdf to HTML, transform pdf page to Images. Between these functions, transforming pdf page to Images is the basic function, so we decided to support it in next Release.

We hope these features be available at early September. … Continue Reading

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Aspose.Workflow 1.0.2 Released

Hot Fix contains:

1) New Demo Access Database, totally created under english version windows.

2)New Features:

  • Subflow is enabled
  • Activity Block is enabled
  • Expression evaluation is also implemented using VB.Net

3)SQLServer and Oracle Support enhancement. updated database scripts for create database indexs and store procedures.

4)ExtendedAttribute Access, include Package/Process/Activity ExtendedAttribute Access

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Aspose.Word Programmers Guide is completed!

Dear Customers,

We’ve finished working on the Aspose.Word Programmers Guide. It is available here:

We really hope it answers most of your “howto” questions and you consider it helpful.

Of course, this is the first version of the guide and we’ll be expanding and improving it accordingly to your reports and wishes. Any changes in the product API will surely affect the guide, too. Major additions and some changes will probably be done as soon as we release forthcoming Aspose.Word v3.0 because its API … Continue Reading

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