Aspose.Slides for Java released!

Release 1.2 contains all 1.1.* hot fixes and new features:

  • New: Read/write access to Size and SizeType of a slides.
  • Fixed: Problem when grouped shapes are not visible on slide show.
  • New: Tags for GroupShapes and Tables.
  • New: Read/write support for AlternativeText.
  • New: Brightness, Contrast and ColorType properties of PictureFrame and OleObjectFrame.
  • New: Possibility to change existing OLE objects or replace it with object of the same type (Enterprise edition).
  • New: Reading Name, ClassName and ProgId of an OLE objects.
  • Changed: Disabled appearing bullets in a tables after cloning slides and changing tables.
  • Fixed: Exception on table changing (addRow, deleteRow).