Aspose.Email 1.4.3 Released

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Dear Customers,

Aspose.Email 1.4.3 released.

What’s new:

1) Supports an asynchronous validating process. With help the BeginValiate and EndValidate methods, we can easily validate an email address asynchronously.


/// Begins an asynchronous validating process for an email address.

/// mailAddress, the email address to be validated.
/// policy, the policy of the validating process.
/// result, the result of the validating process.
/// asyncCallback, the AsyncCallback delegate
/// stateObject, an object that contains state information for this request.  
/// An IAsyncResult that references the asynchronous connection.

public IAsyncResult BeginValidate (string mailAddress, ValidationPolicy policy, out ValidationResult result, AsyncCallback asyncCallback,object stateObject)


/// Ends an asynchronous validating process for an email address.

/// validationResult, the result of the validating process.
/// asyncResult, an IAsyncResult that stores state information and any user defined data for this asynchronous operation.

public void EndValidate(out ValidationResult validationResult, IAsyncResult asyncResult)

2) Supports policy of the validating process. With the help of specifying the validationPolicy of the validating process, we can easily validate the syntax of the email, the domain of the email, or even contact with the mail server to validate the user account.

3) Evalution copy of the component will limit to validate the email address with less than 11 characters domain name. For example, the mail address,, or can be validated without any exception, since its domain name “”or “” contains less then 11 characters.

 However, the validated component will be free of  any limitations.

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