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Aspose.AdHoc 1.3.5 Released

Dear Customers,

Aspose.AdHoc 1.3.5 released.

What’s new:

1) fixed latent overlapping in the and/or rules buttons layout.

2) fixed bug in databind() function.


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Aspose.Chart 2.4.4 Released

Dear Customers,

We have released Aspose.Chart 2.4.4

Fixed: Exception “Rectangle ‘{X=…,Y=…,Width=…,Height=…}’ cannot have a width or height equal to zero.” when:

  • ASeries.ChartType is equal Bar or Gantt
  • DataPoint.GradientType is not equal GradientType.None
  • Width or height of bar equal to zero.
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Aspose.Flash Northwind Demo (C# and VB Versions) Released!

Aspose.Flash Northwind Demo demonstrates many of the features and capabilities of Aspose.Flash.

Features of Aspose.Flash demonstrated include:

  • Creating flash SWF files.
  • Add images to flash.
  • Creating shapes.
  • Filling shapes with different styles.
  • Set different line styles.
  • Color transformations.
  • Work with text and fonts.
  • Work with sound.
  • Creating menu, links and buttons.
  • Creating tables.
  • Animations.

Other features demonstrated include:

  • Using Aspose.Chart to generate a chart and add it to the flash.
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Aspose.Cells for .NET v3.4.2 Released!

Dear Customers,

We have released Aspose.Cells for .NET v3.4.2!

In this new version,  we stopped using Structured Storage COM interfaces to read and write documents. And all unsafe code are removed. This brings a great performance improvement writing files… Continue Reading

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Aspose.Workflow 1.0.6 patch plan

Dear Customers,

     The Aspose.Workflow 1.0.6 patch has been put on the desk, it is planed to have two major feature:

  • EventAudit for all activities
  • Customizable database schema

The current planned release day is 2005-09-25.… Continue Reading

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Aspose.Slides for .NET released!

Hot fix contains:

  • New: Reading and writing extended bullets (numbered and with pictures).
  • New: Export to SVG picture bullets and most types of numbered bullets.
  • Changed: Improved export to SVG.
  • Fixed: Reading and drawing space between lines in paragraph if space is 8 or smaller.
  • Fixed: Deleting unused MainMasters.
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Aspose.Word 3.1.4 Released

Dear Customers,

We have released Aspose.Word 3.1.4

  • Further reduced memory used by 10% compared with 3.1.3 (this makes it more than 50% better than 3.1.0).
  • Added the Document.HasRevisions property.
  • Fixed the “Found a revision with a no changes flag“exception.
  • Improved handling of right-to-left tables and paragraphs.

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Aspose.Workflow 1.0.4 HotFix Released!

Dear Customers,

      The Aspose.Workflow 1.0.4 hotfix is released on 2005/08/28, it contains one new features

  • IMonitorService provide notifications when event occurred in Aspose.Workflow engine, please find details at wiki page

and with changes of API

  • Add performer properties to the IActivity interface, the property will return the participant id of the activity’s performer.
  • Add a new interface IWorklist2, which extended from IWorklist and provide two enhanced API
  • CompleTask2 which will return the next tasks id in a string array.
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Aspose.Cells for .NET v3.4.1 Released!

Dear Customers,

We have released Aspose.Cells for .NET v3.4.1!

  • Supported screen tip for hyperlinks
  • Added UnFreezePanes method
  • Added Split, RemoveSplit method
  • Added new overloaded ImportDataColumn method
  • Fixed losing images bug
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Aspose.Slides for Java released!

Hot fix contains:

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