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Aspose.Word 2 Years Anniversary

Not sure about the exact date, but it should be around now. Here are some statistics to entertain you on our birthday (I hope I’m not giving away too much trade secrets):

  • We’ve been working non-stop for 2 years, too many hours to count.
  • Aspose.Word source code is getting close to 100K lines.
  • The number of classes is around 600.
  • There are only 4 classes bigger than 1,000 lines of code. The biggest class is around 1,200 lines of
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Abstract Factory in C# impossible?

This question is a brain teaser for me at the moment. Maybe it is easy for you, let me know. Still I hope it could be interesting for you because it is directly from Aspose.Word source code.

I have a “package” that contains classes of the document model, let’s call it Model and “packages” that are responsible for reading or writing the Model in a specific format, for example DocWriter, PdfWriter, HtmlWriter, HtmlReader and so on. I call them packages (UML packages) because … Continue Reading

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Aspose.Workflow 1.0.5 hotfix Released!

Dear Customers,

    The Aspose.Workflow 1.0.5 hotfix contains:

  • Add two new interfaces IToolAgentEx and IToolAgentExArgs, which can provide more argument when calling the tool agent, include package id,process id,activity definition id, process instance id and task id, laterly will add more arguments when needed.
  • Fix a bug when using SQLServer and Oracle, the “NULL“ test before is not correct.


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Instance field vs local variable and parameter

After about 15 years of programming I begin to stumble on some basic object-oriented concepts and I can’t sleep well because I can’t find a reasonable answer.

Here is the question I’m dealing with now:

When to use an instance field versus a local variable (and pass it as a parameter) if two or more methods in a class need to share that data?

For example, MyClass has a public method called ReadTheThing and “the thing“ has a header and a body. I … Continue Reading

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Aspose.Cells for .NET v3.4.3 Released!

Dear Customers,

We have released Aspose.Cells v3.4.3!

  • Supports being sold as part of the Aspose.Total package
  • Fixed a bug in setting UNC path in hyperlinks
  • Added Hyperlink.TextToDisplay property
  • Fixed a bug in copying rich text among different workbooks
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