Aspose.Chart 3.0 Released

Dear Customers,
We have released Aspose.Chart 3.0

  • Made a number of changes to the API
  • Completely revised the API documentation
  • Provided code examples for most classes, methods and properties
  • Revised demo applications
  • Created a Programmers Guide (will be published very shortly in wiki)

The version number has gone up significantly from 2.5 to 3.0 to reflect the big number of changes we made in this version.
Please note that Aspose.Chart 3.0 has a number of BREAKING changes in the API and you will need to make changes in your code if you want to upgrade from any previous Aspose.Chart version.
Aspose.Chart has been on the market since 2002 and we maintained the API backward compatible, but this time we finally decided we had to make breaking changes to the API. All of the changes were made to bring you a better product. We renamed and removed some classes and methods to make the object model more intuitive and easier to understand.

The most noticeable API changes are:

  • Renamed NSeries into SeriesCollection.
  • Renamed ASeries into Series.
  • Renamed CustomAttribute into CustomAttributes.
  • Renamed Bitmap Chart.Save() into Bitmap Chart.GetChartImage().
  • Added: support DataPoint.Url and DataPoint.UrlTarget to ChartType.Gantt.

For a full list of the changes made to the Aspose.Chart object model see Aspose.Chart 3.0 API Changes.doc