Aspose.Cells.Web V1.4.4 Released!

Dear Customers,

We have released Aspose.Cells.Web v1.4.4

  • Added number format settings
  • Optimize the performance when a large amount of client side validations are set
  • Added default cell border support
  • Added visible option for built-in buttons(submit, save, undo)
  • Support for different cell data types
  • Added options to show style dialog windows
  • Added WebCell.RemoveValidation method
  • Obsolete OnAfterSaveCommand, OnAfterDataUpdated, OnRowDoubleClicked, OnColumnDoubleClicked, OnCellDoubleClicked events
  • Added SubmitCommand,SaveCommand, UndoCommand, SheetTabClick, RowDoubleClick, ColumnDoubleClick, CellDoubleClick events