Aspose.Cells.Web 1.4.5 Released!

We have released Aspose.Cells.Web 1.4.5!

1.Added Freeze Pane feature: Added method WebWorksheet.FreezePanes, WebWorksheet.UnfreezePanes; Added property WebWorksheet.FreezePaneInfo.
2.Added WebCells.SetBorders method so you can set borders’ style for a range of cells.
3.Added Comments feature. You can use the Comments object to add comment for a cell.
4.Fixed export Excel file bug when a cell contains a sheet reference formula.
5.Fixed export Excel file bug that some cell’s border’s color are wrong in Excel.
6.Fixed bug when delete a column or row.
7.Fixed bug that when user input data in a cell which contains number style and submit, the number style doesn’t take effect.
8.New fully feature demos(C# and VB) included.