Aspose.Slides for Java released!

Hot fix contains:
  • New: Reading text formatting from master has been rewritten almost from scratch. Paragraph and Property classes have 2 types of get and set functions. Old functions return real values from text or master. “Raw” functions return exact values from ppt file without reading master styles.
  • New: TextRuler class. Represents new redesigned way to access tabulation, levels and text/bullet offsets of text.
  • New: Possibility to set text directly to TextFrame, TextHolder, Notes or Paragraph. Text formatting will be reset to default.
  • New: Slide.changeMaster() function has new boolean parameter which shows whether the size of TextHolders and style of text inside TextHolders will be changed.
  • Fixed: Losing text formatting after slide cloning.
  • Fixed: Reading background inherited from master slide.
  • Fixed: Automatic resizing of text frames and tables.
  • Fixed: Other minor bugs.