Aspose.Words 1.0 for Java Released

Dear Customers,

We have released Aspose.Words 1.0 for Java

Aspose.Words for Java is a close port of our very popular Aspose.Words for .NET.

Aspose.Words 1.0 for Java corresponds to the set of features available in Aspose.Words 3.3 for .NET with the following exceptions:

  • Import and export of HTML is not yet supported.
  • Export to PDF is not yet supported.
  • Images and drawing objects in documents are not supported.

Aspose.Words Product Documentation is being updated to include information for both .NET and Java versions of Aspose.Words. We will continue to work on more demos, sample code and documentation for Aspose.Words for Java.

Differences between Aspose.Words for .NET and Aspose.Words for Java  explains the main differences in the APIs of the two products in such a way so you will be able to use documentation that was created for Aspose.Words for .NET while we work on the documentation to include Java specific portions.