Dear Customers,

We have released Aspose.ASPXpand!

What’s included in this release:

  • Added a new function named SetupMaxLength
    This function can be used to limite the maximum number of characters in the multi-line TextBox,and the overload list is :
    **SetupMaxLength(TextBox textBox,int maxLength)
    SetupMaxLength(TextBox textBox,int maxLength,string alertMessage)
    ** The second function will alert the specified alertMessage if the number of characters have reached the maxLength.

  • Added new overloading to SetMask() functions
    **SetMask(Page page,TextBox textBox,string mask,bool alwaysSet,string regx,string alertMessage)
    **It allow you to use regular expression to restrict the input and will alert the specified message if the user input text did not match the regx when the textbox onBlur.

  • Added new overloading to SetupWordCount() function to allow displaying customize message.
    ** SetupWordCount(TextBox targetTextBox, TextBox displayTextBox, bool showWords, bool showChars,string customizeMessage)
    ** For example,speicified string “WordCount={w},CharacterCount={c}.” to customizeMessage parameter, the text in the displayTextbox will be something like “WordCount=3,CharacterCount=12.”, as you can imagine, the “{w}” in the customizeMessage will be replace with the count of words while {c} will be replace with the count of characters.

Thanks very much!