Dear Customers,

Our develop team is working hard to deliver the next version ( of Aspose.ASPXpand these days. There will be a big improvement in this new release. Here is some features preview from our developers:

A new name space called WebControls will be added. Several new web form controls will be exposed under this namespace, which enables developers to easily design ASP.NET applications without deeply involved into Javascript programming and debugging. For example, a text box with an input mask.

Our target is to provide a suite of web form components which is easy-to-use, robust and with flashy features. This new release will be available in 3 to 4 weeks. Any of your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

What’s more, we will never stop at the point. Aspose.ASPXpand will always be expanding, to a more comprehensive, more reliable web form components for ASP.NET development.

Thank you very much.