New Features

  • Microsoft Word 2007 files are now supported.
  • Added public API to control bulleted and numbered list formatting. Added public classes Lists, List, ListLevels, ListLevel. All come with C# and VB.NET code examples in the API Reference.
  • Added Document.RemoveMacros that allows to make sure the document is cleared of any macros/VBA code.
  • Import of HTML list type (UL.type and OL.type) is now supported.
  • Import of HTML list start value (OL.start) is now supported.
  • Made possible to open documents when structured storage is slightly corrupted.
  • Added readonly property Document.OriginalFileName.
  • Had to rename some classes as per Microsoft’s request. WordConvert -> ConvertUtil. Word -> ComHelper.

Fixes in Export to PDF

  • Fixed big image scaled incorrectly.
  • Fixed list paragraphs are written with wrong alignment in AsposePdf
  • Fixed checkbox symbols that represent checkbox form fields appear incorrectly.
  • Fixed some images losing hyperlinks.
  • Fixed local hyperlinks sometimes don’t work.
  • Fixed exception when saving some documents.

Other Fixes

  • Fixed word count statistics calculated incorrectly for some documents.
  • Fixed Aspose.Words does not show formfield name if the enclosing bookmark is deleted.
  • Fixed FormField.Result returns empty string if user lefts one or more leading ‘o’ signs.
  • Fixed insterting bulleted list with InsertHtml leaves list open.
  • Fixed some documents produced by Aspose.Words become corrupted after their are sent using Microsoft Outlook.
  • Fixed exception when reading some documents with a table in the header.