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Aspose.Slides for .NET released!

Hot fix contains:Fixed: critical bug with loading “fast saved” presentations.New: AutoShape.TextRectangle property which show rectangle used to draw text inside AutoShape.New: Support for additional types of audio and video clips.New: Implemented cloning slides with audio and video clips.… Continue Reading
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Aspose.Workflow HotFix Released!

Dear Customers:     We have released the Aspose.Workflow Hotfix, it contains, Feature Added: Wait Activity                When the activity has an extended attribute called “Activity.Wait.Condition”, Aspose.Workflow will treat the value of extended attribute as a condition expression, which written in VB.Net, and the engine will automatically start the Task when the condition expression evaluated to be true. Bug Fixed: Save the process definition name in the processdefinition table When the data fields’ name has some invalid characters, such as “-“, “+”,… Continue Reading
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Aspose.Slides for Java released!

Hot fix contains:Fixed: Reading and writing text styles. All default text styles could be lost after presentation saving.Fixed: Sometimes normal shapes were invisible on slide show.… Continue Reading
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Aspose.Cells for .NET v4.0.1 Released!

Dear Customers, We have released Aspose.Cells for .NET v4.0.1! Added new chart demos Fixed bugs in InsertRows/DeleteRows method Fixed bug in loading/saving SpreadsheetML file Fixed bug in loading CSV file which contains a single period(.) in a cell Fixed a bug in xls2pdf feature… Continue Reading
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Aspose welcomes 2 new reseller locations

Aspose continues to add more resellers every month. We are happy to add 2 new countries to our list in the past 2 months. We can now offer resellers in Japan and Spain. We offer 107 authorized resellers to help make ordering easier. You can view our list of resellers here: If you need any help, please contact our sales.… Continue Reading
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We’re looking for your thoughts on new products…

Hey everyone, I hope things are going well.  From time to time we at Aspose like to check with our customers and potential customers about upcoming product ideas.  Recently we have published two such ideas we would like to get your thoughts on: Aspose.PSD and Aspose.MSI.  Both of the products are currently not in production and we are looking for your thoughts and ideas on if they should.  Therefore, if you feel these products would be of interest I welcome… Continue Reading
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Aspose.Slides for .NET released!

Hot fix contains:New: Export to SVG with hyperlinks.New: AutoShapes.Paths property. Returns set of GraphicsPath objects which compose autoshape.… Continue Reading
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Download Cache Problem

Just have eliminated a bug (I think it’s a bug indeed!) that was really hard to pinpoint. After doing a fresh checkout I added some new code, built the solution and ran NUnit as usual. It amazed me that no code changes reflected in the tests. Rebuilding the solution didn’t give any effect. OK, I removed the \bin and \obj subdirs from the project to avoid possible copying of the old assembly that still didn’t contain the changes and built the solution again. Still… Continue Reading
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Aspose.Metafiles for Java released!

Hot fix contains:New: Rendering text written with using Symbol, Wingdings or Webdings fonts.New: Aspose.Metafiles works with Java 1.4 now.… Continue Reading
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Aspose.Slides for Java released!

Hot fix contains:Fixed: Reading presentations with notes. Bug exists in 1.6.5 – 1.6.7.… Continue Reading
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