Dear Customers,

We have released Aspose.Workflow, it contains:

Feature Added:

  • Add PackageAdmin.DoesPackageExists method

  • Add ITaskHistory.ReservedBy

  • Add LastTaskId LastTaskPerformer ProcessVariables to the IRuntimeArgs

  • Add customized IAssignmentsManager to let user customize the assignments, Add a property in the configuration file to let the Aspose.Workflow using customized AssignmentManager.

      AssignmentsManager.Implementation.Type= Customer.CustomizedAssignmentManager
     the Customer.CustomeizedAssignmentManager must implements Aspose.Workflow.Engine.IAssignmentsManager interface
  • Access DataField’s Extended Attributes IProcess.GetVariableExtendedAttributes

  • Add PackageId PackageVersion ProcessId To ITaskHistory

  • Add DoesProcessInstanceExist to IInstanceAdmin

Bug Fixed:

  • When using QueryServices under MS Access database, the query will fail, now it fixed.

Please goto to get the newest version.