Dear Customers:

We have released the Aspose.Workflow Hotfix, it contains,

Feature Added:

  • Wait Activity

           When the activity has an extended attribute called "Activity.Wait.Condition", Aspose.Workflow will treat the value of extended attribute as a condition expression, which written in VB.Net, and the engine will automatically start the Task when the condition expression evaluated to be true.

Bug Fixed:

  • Save the process definition name in the processdefinition table
  • When the data fields’ name has some invalid characters, such as “-”, “+”, “*”, the engine will report error, now it fixed, user have to use AsposeWorkflow_DataFields(“DataField_Name”) to access the datafield in condition or expression instead of directly put the data field name in the XPDL.
  • Add a flag in activities table to see if it is delayed.
    Add ITask.Delayed,ITaskHistory.Delayed to indicate if the task has exceed its deadline.
  • Add delayed to process process_history
    Add IProcessInstance.Delayed IProcessInstanceHistory.Delayed
  • When there are invalid processid in the database, the lock will fail, now it fixed.
  • When Property return empty string instead of null in the IEngineConfiguration interface, the InitCaches method will fail. now it fixed.

Database Changes:

  • Database Table Change:
  1. Add delayed CHAR(1) To activities table
  2. Add delayed CHAR(1) To activities_history table
  3. Add processdefinitionname VARCHAR(255) to processdefinitions table
  4. Add delayed CHAR(1) To processes table
  5. Add delayed CHAR(1) To processes_history table
  • Store Procedure Change, Update the following store procedures:
  1. Workflow_DeleteProcess
  2. Workflow_SaveProcess
  3. Workflow_SaveProcessDefinition
  4. Workflow_SaveActivity

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