Dear Customers,

We have released the Aspose.Workflow Hotfix, it contains:

Feature Added:

  • New API IWorklist2.GetAllTasks(params string[] ids), get other user’s tasks and API to get all tasks of users in one group
  • New Method in EngineManager, EngineManager.GetNewInstance(), Return a new instance of EngineManager, user can use this new instance to connect to other database or use different configuration in one OS-process.

Bug Fixed:

  • Update the IQueryService document
  • Remove no needed transaction creation to avoid dead lock.
  • Caching the compiled script assembly to increase performance.
  • Obsolete some APIs.

Database Changes

  • Add Workflow_GetProcessVariables and Workflow_GetActivityVariables for SQLServer Only.
  • Add a set of script for SQLServer to create all varchar fields using nvarchar.

Please go to to get the newest version