Aspose.Grid 1.7.3 Released!

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Dear Customers,
   We have just released Aspose.Grid version 1.7.3!
   New features and enhancements in this release:
1.CheckBox Validation type supported.
2.Added WebCells.Unmerge method.
3.Support double-click to auto fit the width of a column.
4.Updated C# and VB.NET Demos.
5.Full tested under Netscape Browser Version 8.1.

1.Optimized performance of inserting and deleting row and column.
2.Fixed the formular bug referencing to other sheet.
3.Fixed the formular bug referencing to absolute address array.
4.The “VLOOKUP” function is supported.
5.Fixed the Combobox Control bug that the listbox can’t be shown when clicked.