Dear Customers,

We have just released Aspose.Grid version 1.7.4!

This release fixed some bugs and brings some great new features.

1.New control: GridWebForm, works with a GridWeb control, enables you to display/edit data in a record based form view window.
2.New method Validation.LoadValueList, loads value/text items to the dropdownlist or listmenu.
3.Enhanced List/DropDownList/FreeList features, supports Value/Text pair in a list item.
4.Supports DataSourceControl DataBinding in Vs.NET 2005.
5.Supports DropDown Calendar control in a Date/DateTime validation cell.
6.New Property GridWeb.EnableSmartNavigation(bool), Enabled by default. Supports Background Post Back and smooth visual effect without page refreshing.
7.New event: GridWeb.BindingChildView, enables you to modify the default child view’s bindcolumns before binding the child view sheet.

1.Fixed the bug of text direction when rotating 90 or -90 degrees.
2.Extend no wrap text supported.
3.Stdev, averagea functions supported.