Dear Customers,

We have released Aspose.Workflow HotFix, it contains:

Database Changes:

  • Updated store-procedure for SQLServer
    • Workflow_DeleteProcess.sql
  • Newly added store-procedure for SQLServer
    • Workflow_GetPackage_D_Proc.sql
    • Workflow_GetPackage_DR_Proc.sql
    • Workflow_GetPackage_DRV_Proc.sql
    • Workflow_GetPackage_DV_Proc.sql
    • Workflow_GetProcess_D_Proc.sql
    • Workflow_GetProcess_DR_Proc.sql
    • Workflow_GetProcess_DRV_Proc.sql
    • Workflow_GetProcess_DV_Proc.sql
    • Workflow_GetAll_DR_Proc.sql
    • Workflow_GetAllForProcess.sql
    • Workflow_GetAllForPackage.sql
    • Workflow_GetAll_R_Proc.sql
    • Workflow_GetProcess.sql
    • Workflow_GetAllProcess.sql
    • Workflow_GetPackage_S_Proc.sql
    • Workflow_GetProcess_SV_Proc.sql
    • Workflow_GetPackage_SV_Proc.sql
    • Workflow_GetProcess_S_Proc.sql
    • Workflow_GetAll_D_Proc.sql
    • Workflow_GetProcess_Act.sql
    • Workflow_GetProcess_A_Act.sql
    • Workflow_GetActivity.sql

Feature Added:

  • Add new APIs for query delayed process instance in IInstanceAdmin:

    • IProcessInstance[] GetAllDelayedProcessInstanceList(bool runningOnly);
    • IProcessInstance[] GetPackageDelayedProcessInstanceList(string packageId, string packageVersion, bool includeAllVersion, bool runningOnly);
    • IProcessInstance[] GetProcessDelayedProcessInstanceList(string packageId, string packageVersion, string processId, bool includeAllVersion, bool runningOnly);
  • Add new property ActivationTime on ITask and ITaskHistory interface

  • Add a new interface IAssignmentsManagerEx, using this interface just same as IAssignmentsManager, but it can replace single user with multipal replacement users.

Bug Fixed:

  • Deisnger doesn’t allow connect two activity with multipal transitions, now it fixed.

Please get the newest version from