I decided to become the first poster in this new team blog. Also, since this is the very first entry here, let me introduce myself because I lose an opportunity to do that in my personal Aspose blog when I just started posting so I felt myself a bit impolite so far

So, my name is Dmitry Vorobyev and I’m a happy developer from the Aspose Auckland team I’ve been working on Aspose.Words for almost two years and I consider myself very lucky because I really enjoy working in this team and on this wonderful product. I can assure you that we are the unique team – at least I have never seen such harmony in every aspect of the work. So being a part of the great team which, in turn, is a part of the successful company makes me proud.

At the moment (right at the moment, just took a rest to compose this post) I’m working on the RTF importing module. I know that many of you are looking forward to this feature as it allows, for example, load and process the RTF code entered by users into the RichTextBox control. Also, many RTF documents are still in use.

Of course, the overall RTF popularity is now lower than that of WordML because RTF was the first attempt of Microsoft to migrate from binary .doc to something human readable. Nowadays, in comparison to the modern XML-based formats, this attempt might look a little awkward. But imagine: the first RTF specification was released in 1987 so next year this format will celebrate the 20th anniversary! Could RTF developers suppose that RTF documents would outlive more than 10 versions of Windows?

Thus, as long as RTF is in demand, it will be fully supported by Aspose.Words on a par with other formats. And I guarantee that you will get the fast and precise importing very soon.

Besides RTF, I’m responsible for other areas of the component such as a part of the highly requested rendering module. But let me not reveal the secrets until it’s done – I can only say for sure that you won’t be disappointed once we finish.

Getting back to work… Have a nice day!