In an earlier post I mentioned that uses Aspose.Words to process resumes of job seekers.

The greatest thing for all of us that came out from this is that run Aspose.Words against heaps of their documents to see if they all are processed smoothly. We do have over 2000 our own test documents at Aspose, but no doubt has a lot more. Anything that did not look right was sent to us, which we investigated and fixed in Aspose.Words 4.0.1.

The work on Monster-Proofing gave us an idea to go further. We now work to make Aspose.Words Google-Proof. The basic idea is to find and download as many DOC files from the internet as possible and run Apose.Words tests on all of them.

We cannot promise to download all internet to our computers like Sergey Brin did at Google, but the initial plan is to get our hands on at least 1TB of files. Even if we take 1MB as an average DOC file size (pretty big one) it means we are going to get around 1 million of test files. We will keep you posted about the progress of this project.