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Open – Closed XML

The Office Open XML standard is a great thing, no questions. Lots of talks and writings about the quality of openness around, so I cannot stay away from singing about what I see too.

Office Open XML Final Draft, pages 1631 to 1686.

55! pages that describe a single ST_Border enumeration…

Doesn’t this look suspicious? Who on Earth can possibly want to deal with more than 50 pages of just a border specification? When I see something like this, I … Continue Reading

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December, Summer is Here

In case you forgot, some of Aspose employees are living upside down, having summer in December, and overall, doing lots of things differently.

Just to tease you all, summer is very nice in New Zealand, I love it, and it is here, almost.

Although I plan to work a lot as usual, it is a very relaxing feeling anyway. We are going to catch a lot of time at the beach and in the water since it is all so close. Kitesurfing and … Continue Reading

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One Million Test Documents is Coming Along

Our project to test Aspose.Words against at least one million documents has started ticking.

Dmitry Vorobyev has developed a nice tool that queries Google for Microsoft Word documents and downloads them. In short test runs we downloaded more than 3000 DOC and RTF documents of various content and formatting.

We plan to download at least one million documents to our test machine and run Aspose.Words days and nights on it to load, convert and save documents and verify that it all works … Continue Reading

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Aspose.AdHoc Released!

Dear Customers,

       We’ve released Aspose.AdHoc!

       What’s new:

       1.An editable dropdownlist was added to the filtering screen as showing below:

       And more, the editable dropdownlist supports autocomplete function, that is, the user can only type part of the word and the component will pick up the matched value in the list automatically.

       2. New event ‘PreSelectableItemBound’ was added:

       This new event provides a way to customize the items in the dropdownlist rather than display Continue Reading

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Aspose.Workflow HotFix Released!

Dear Customers,

   We have released Aspose.Workflow, it contains

Bug Fixed:

  • When using CompleteTaskEx to set “Next” activity id, user can only to set “Next” activity which in the same activity block. now it fixed to
  • “Next” activity is in same activity block
  • “Next” activity who is not in the same activity block but in the Process activities.
  • “Next” activity is in other activity block which is not same as current block.  To set “Next” activity in other block, user have to
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Aspose.Slides for .NET released!

Hot fix contains:
  • Fixed: Reading and rendering text with empty lines.
  • Fixed: Reading default text properties in TextHolders.
  • Replaced template presentations used to create slides and presentations from scratch.
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High Fidelity Stuff

I was looking at Office OpenXML White Paper recently and came across this paragraph of text:

“High Fidelity Migration” describes how OpenXML meets the over-arching goal to preserve the information, including the original creator’s full intent, in existing and new documents.

It is very interesting because we thought we were the first apply the term “High Fidelity” to document processing. This happended about a year ago, end of 2005. It was a term that we intended to use for marketing … Continue Reading

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Aspose.Words mentioned by Brian Jones in his MSDN blog

Brian’s post that mentions Aspose.Words is Friday Thoughts. Thanks Brian, we are happy to attract this kind of attention. Looking forward for more positive comments.

To clarify things with Aspose.Words and WordprocessingML:

  • At the moment Aspose.Words supports export to WordprocessingML that was available in Microsoft Word 2003.
  • WordprocessingML import in Aspose.Words is coming out early 2007.
  • Support for OpenXML in Aspose.Words is coming out Q1 2007.
  • Aspose.Words strives to provide most accurate conversions and most comprehensive support for Microsoft Word file formats.
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Aspose.Cells for Java V1.7.5 Released!

Dear Customers,

We have released Aspose.Cells for Java V1.7.5!
Following enhancements and fixes are included:

  • Supports to export to HTML file. 
  • Supports to autofit rows/columns.
  • Supports to find string/formula in the worksheet.
  • Fixes a bug of inserting rows/columns.
  • Fixes a bug of calculating formulas.
  • Fixes a bug of opening file.
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Aspose.Words for .NET 4.0.2 Released

A good maintenance release with two weeks worth of enhancements and fixes.

Export to PDF

  • 1355 Textbox always draws white border even when there is no line
  • 1353 List indents exported incorrectly for “legacy” lists
  • 1340 A document throws an exception in Aspose.Pdf.dll
  • 1335 Can’t find paragraph with ID “paraId_xx”


  • 1348 Setting borders properties for cell that is not appended to the row yet results in NullReferenceException
  • 1341 Add the ToArray method to node collection to simplify add/remove of
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