Dear Customers,
We have released Aspose.Grid 1.8!
This new version contains many new exciting features and fixes some bugs:
1.Supports Grouping Rows feature(WebWorksheet.GroupRows).
2.Supports Creating Subtotal feature(WebWorksheet.CreateSubtotal).
3.Supports Formula Reference Automatic Updating: When inserting/deleting Rows/Columns, all formula reference in the sheet updated automatically.
4.Supports Importing/Exporting CSV and SpreadSheetML format files.
5.Improved muti-cells pasting.
6.New client-side Find/Replace feature.
7.New Formula Functions: COUNT, COUNTA, SUBTOTAL.
8.Obsolute Event: WebWorksheet.InitializeNewBindRow. Please use GridWeb.InitializeNewBindRow event instead.
9.Supports Application Parameters: aspose.grid.web.agw_client_path, aspose.grid.web.force_script_path
10.Fixed a bug of inheriting from the GridWeb class.
11.Fixed a bug of SmartNavigationg feature.
12.Fixed a bug of Re-DataBinding in a sheet.

1.Fixed the bug of when the formula value is “”, the following cells text position shown error.
2.Supported index function syntax 1.
3.Supported cell function that information type is “CONTENTS”.
4.Fixed the bug of pasting from excel spreadsheet.
5.Fixed the bug of when a cell’s font and its column font not exist, its row font is not applied to the cell.
6.Supported the fonts not in FontFamily.
7.Enhanced all demos.