Brian’s post that mentions Aspose.Words is Friday Thoughts. Thanks Brian, we are happy to attract this kind of attention. Looking forward for more positive comments.

To clarify things with Aspose.Words and WordprocessingML:

  • At the moment Aspose.Words supports export to WordprocessingML that was available in Microsoft Word 2003.
  • WordprocessingML import in Aspose.Words is coming out early 2007.
  • Support for OpenXML in Aspose.Words is coming out Q1 2007.
  • Aspose.Words strives to provide most accurate conversions and most comprehensive support for Microsoft Word file formats.

My personal comments:

  • It is confusing that WordprocessingML from Microsoft Word 2003 and WordprocessingML in OpenXML are called the same: WordprocessingML yet they are different things.
  • WordprocessingML is a looong word, it would have been better if the official name was WordML.