Dear Customers,

We have released Aspose.Workflow, it contains

Bug Fixed:

  • When using CompleteTaskEx to set “Next” activity id, user can only to set “Next” activity which in the same activity block. now it fixed to

  • “Next” activity is in same activity block

  • “Next” activity who is not in the same activity block but in the Process activities.

  • “Next” activity is in other activity block which is not same as current block. To set “Next” activity in other block, user have to provide a “path” to the target activity. and the first element of the parameter array must be the EngineManager.JUMP_PATH_ACTIVITY_ID, and other elements should be the path to target activity. for example, if want to set “Next” activity to the activity A which in Block B1, and Block B1 is in Block B2, and block B2 is in process activities. the array should look like: new string[] { EngineManager.JUMP_PATH_ACTIVITY_ID, “B2”, “B1”, “A” }