I’m happy to announce that we have now got a dedicated technical writer to work on the Aspose.Words documentation.

The existing documentation for Aspose.Words includes:

All of the above documentation was created by developers of Aspose.Words. Although we tried out best, and we are proud of what we’ve done, the documentation needs to be more thorough and more user friendly. Also, we really prefer spending more time coding new features, ratther than writing.

Just for this task alone, creating and maintaining world-class documentation for Aspose.Words, we hand picked and hired the best technical writer we could find.

Natalia Zhelnova, our new technical writer comes with a wealth of experience in technical writing, editing, designing training courses (both for users and developers), teaching and programming for companies like Samsung, Epson, Sybase and Microsoft.

She is now taking her time to get up to speed with .NET, C# and Aspose.Words and we expect some great tutorials to come out pretty soon and documentation to start evolving.

While she is working on the new topics for the documentation, we thought it would be a great opportunity to capture Natalia’s learning experience “as she goes” in her blog, because she:

  • Has prior programming and database experience
  • New to Aspose.Words
  • New to .NET technologies
  • Can explain things well in plain English

All of Aspose.Words users are new to Aspose.Words of course, but we also find many users are relatively new to .NET as well, so watch out for useful tips in Natalia Zhelnova’s blog.