Aspose.Words for .NET 4.0.4 Released

Last release in 2006 here! Includes some useful new features and fixes.

New Features

  • 1372 – Import of HR elements from HTML.
  • 1413 – Export of horizontal rule shapes to HR elements in HTML.
  • 1407 – Support import of row height and padding from HTML.
  • 1401 – Attributes currently supported for <SPAN> should also be supported for <FONT> elements.

Fixes to DOC reader (all are improved resiliency for loading invalid documents actually):

  • 1388 – A document throws ‘Table seem to be badly formed’ error.
  • 1390 – InvalidCastException when opening document in Aspose.Words.
  • 1402 – NullReferenceException when opening document with freeform shape.
  • 1408 – Openning the document throws ‘Table seem to be badly formed.’ exception.

Fixes to HTML reader

  • 1383 – When converting DOC to HTML and vice versa, extra paragraph breaks and table rows are added.
  • 1396 – Font name declaration without quotes should also be made possible in “font-family” attribute during HTML import.

Other Fixes

  • 1415 – CLR Header set to 2.0, but should be 2.5.

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