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Addatech ClinicMaster Uses Aspose.Words to Dynamically Generate Microsoft Word Files from Database

About Addatech ClinicMaster

Addatech ClinicMaster is a comprehensive, practice management tool that allows users to be in complete control of every aspect of their clinic. ClinicMaster boasts the following features:

  • A comprehensive scheduler.
  • Detailed billing.
  • Referral management system.
  • Cancellation reductions.
  • Improved patient communication.
  • Business process streamlining.
  • Data consolidation.
  • Administrative cost reductions.
  • Productivity, workload, and treatment tracking.


A common feature requested by many ClinicMaster users is the ability to quickly merge Microsoft Word documents with data residing in the primary … Continue Reading

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Aspose.Total Released

The Aspose.Total package for .NET now contains Aspose.Form as well as the rest of the Aspose .NET family of components.Continue Reading

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Why life in New Zealand sometimes sucks

I would like to mount a small digital camera on my kite so I can shoot a video with me kitesurfing. Done quite a bit of research and came up with an idea to use the following:

  • Sony Cybershot DCS-T10 7.2MP Digital Camera. It can capture 640×480 movie at 30fps, sounds good enough.
  • Sony SPK-THC Sports Pack for the above camera. We don’t want any salt water or sand in the camera, do we?
  • Sony 4GB Memory Stick PRO DUO
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Aspose.Metafiles for Java released!

Hot fix contains:
  • Fixed: Exception on reading metafiles with text.
  • Fixed: Rendering metafiles with DIB images and gradients.
  • Fixed: Rendering metafile at right position.
  • Updated: Emf2Png demo.
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Three Earthquakes in Three Hours

There’s been three small earthquakes in Auckland yesterday, just in the space of three hours, all in the same place.

We felt one at home, probably the biggest at 9:00pm, the that was 4.5. Watching TV and the sofa went gently rocking for a few seconds. The sequence of possible reasons was as follows:

  1. The son playing with the cats.
  2. The neighbours drove into our house, again (see below for this).
  3. The earthquake.

Cats were relaxing and not rocking the house. We went … Continue Reading

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Aspose.Slides for Java released!

Hot fix contains:
  • Fixed: Possible exception “Read wrong number of bytes from Escher record” on slide cloning.
  • Fixed: Message in MS PowerPoint on presentation opening “PowerPoint couldn’t show some part of text …”
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Aspose.Slides for .NET released!

Hot fix contains:
  • New: Read/write access to HeaderFooter properties.
  • Fixed: Rendering TextHolders with antialiasing.
  • Fixed: Possible exception “Read wrong number of bytes from Escher record” on slide cloning.
  • Fixed: Reading presentations with \n characters in text.
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Aspose becomes a Sun Business Partner

Aspose, the .NET and Java component publisher, is very pleased to announce a new business partnership with the company Sun.  For many years the development community has primarily know Aspose as a .NET component provider.  However, Aspose has also had a very strong initiative to support the Java platform as well.  This new partnership is another effort to help extend that initiative and continually provide better support for Java developers.

Aspose currently offers six powerful, file-management components for the Java … Continue Reading

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Aspose.Cells for .NET v4.1.2 released!

Dear Customers,

We have released Aspose.Cells for .NET v4.1.2!

  • F0008: Enhanced formula calculation engine
  • F0014: Added CheckBox.Value property
  • F0025: Added feature to convert image in Excel file to Pdf file
  • F0031: Supported more functions while reading formula from file
  • B0009: Fixed a bug about merged cell while converting to pdf file
  • B0010: Fixed a bug about StandardWidth property
  • B0011: Fixed a bug in concatenating ASCII characters between code 128-255
  • B0012: Fixed a CopyConditionalFormattings bug
  • B0013: Fixed InsertRows/InsertColumn method doesn’t update Print_Area
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Aspose.Grid 1.9 Released!

Dear Customers,
We have just released Aspose.Grid 1.9!
Aspose.Grid.Web 1.9

0.Added Multi-Language Support. You may create a simple language file for the control to let it display in your own language.
1.New formula engine, lifts the performance of calculation for more than 20x than the old one.
2.Provides a new interface that enables users define their own formula functions. Please see the API document about WebWorksheets.RegisterCustomFunctionHandler for details.
3.Two new server event:RowDeleting, ColumnDeleting
4.New client-side functions:
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