Dear Customers,

We have released Aspose.Cells for .NET v4.1.2!

  • F0008: Enhanced formula calculation engine
  • F0014: Added CheckBox.Value property
  • F0025: Added feature to convert image in Excel file to Pdf file
  • F0031: Supported more functions while reading formula from file
  • B0009: Fixed a bug about merged cell while converting to pdf file
  • B0010: Fixed a bug about StandardWidth property
  • B0011: Fixed a bug in concatenating ASCII characters between code 128-255
  • B0012: Fixed a CopyConditionalFormattings bug
  • B0013: Fixed InsertRows/InsertColumn method doesn’t update Print_Area bug
  • B0014: Fixed a bug for copying worksheets with images
  • B0015: Fixed a bug while number of worksheets is more than 5k
  • B0016: Fixed a pivot table bug
  • B0017: Fixed bugs in formula calculation engine