I would like to mount a small digital camera on my kite so I can shoot a video with me kitesurfing. Done quite a bit of research and came up with an idea to use the following:

  • Sony Cybershot DCS-T10 7.2MP Digital Camera. It can capture 640x480 movie at 30fps, sounds good enough.
  • Sony SPK-THC Sports Pack for the above camera. We don’t want any salt water or sand in the camera, do we?
  • Sony 4GB Memory Stick PRO DUO so I can turn the camera on, launch the kite and it will be enough for over 40 minutes of video.

All sounds easy and exciting, now comes the fun part:

Recommended retail prices (source http://www.sony.co.nz/products/product.asp) and actual prices in most of the shops in Auckland for the above equipment are:

  • Camera NZD$699.95 = USD$490
  • Sports pack NZD$199.95 = USD$140
  • Memory stick NZD$399.95 = USD$280

Total whopping NZD$1400 = USD$910.

Now, lets look at what other people have to pay for it. Amazon, new items:

  • Camera USD$275
  • Sports pack USD$78
  • Memory stick $105

Total USD$458.

Shipping will be is $30 at best.

What is the extra USD$452 that I have to pay for? For the grass that is greener?

And almost forgot to add that the Sports Pack is not in stock in New Zealand. The quantity is zero and it will take 4-6 weeks to arrive after the order is placed. That will be the end of summer when I’m not going to need it anymore…